01. It was really [brave] of her to admit her mistake to her boss.
02. Her brother received a medal for [bravery] after he jumped into the river to save a drowning child.
03. The young soldier stepped [bravely] forward, and offered to carry the message across enemy lines.
04. The child was not [brave] enough to argue with his teacher when he was blamed for something another child did.
05. Hundreds of excited teenagers [braved] cold wind and rain in order to attend the concert.
06. A young Tacoma woman was recently given a medal for [bravery] after saving a little boy who had fallen into a fast moving river.
07. The [brave] knight cut off the dragon's head with his magic sword.
08. When I was little, my dad was my hero because he seemed so big and strong and [brave].
09. He is the [bravest] person I've ever met. He isn't afraid of anything!
10. My grandfather won a medal for [bravery] in the First World War.
11. Today we remember the [brave] young soldiers who fought and died to protect our country.
12. The young couple sat together in silence, neither one [brave] enough to look at the other.
13. I'm not at all [brave]; in fact, I'm a total chicken.
14. His [bravery] is legendary. Everyone says that he is afraid of nothing.
15. There is an Omaha Indian proverb which states that it is easy to be [brave] from a distance.
16. David Summers once suggested that [bravery] and stupidity go hand in hand.
17. A wise man once remarked that the [brave] don't live forever, but the cautious don't live at all.
18. The little girl walked [bravely] up onto the stage, and then began to sing.
19. If you are [brave] enough to stand the cold water, scuba-diving off the coast of Oregon can be quite spectacular.

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